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EMC - Electromagnetic compatibility

Measurement within the framework of the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) we offer and take a number of special measurements in the field of electromagnetic interference with maximum measurements reliability. Measurements are performed to ensure to working order of the electrical equipment, whose goal is for example to find out the cause of misconduct of electronic systems, their random or repetitive damage, the quality of supply voltage and the level of electromagnetic interference at the given place before installation of the system, pre-certification measurement of interference, measuring the effectiveness of space shielding (in the real electromagnetic environment), measuring the filter attenuation or immunity detection of the given appliance against different sorts of interference. The company also offers technical assistance, consultations of the structural arrangement from the view of EMC and proposals of the actions for reducing the size of the interference voltage. We identify relationships among individual systems or system elements so that during their activity they could not be negatively influenced to each other through electromagnetic interference. Our measurements make possible to find the cause of flicker screen, damage of the device for computer networks or their unreliable function, problems with operation of the uninterruptible power supply (UPS), etc. Therefore we use high-performance spectrum analysers and sensors. We also offer interference voltage measurement which is led along the line in the frequency band from 9kHz to 30MHz and by the results of measuring we make a protocol, a technical report, where we judge the levels of interference according to the relevant standard. In the case of unsatisfactory result we find out the cause of this condition and we propose action leading to fix the problem. After the previous deal, a part of the measurement can also be installation of the interference suppression (sinusoidal) filter and following re-measurement until we find the required satisfactory result.

What is the electromagnetic compatibility and what does it deal with?

Increasing number of complicated electrical appliances and spreading of all types of telecommunication and radio-communication services causes variety of interference electromagnetic signals and its unwanted effect. These signals make difficult or even make impossible not only the function of the surrounding sensitive receivers, but they can significantly influence any electrical device, including technology, computing technology and data transmission. Mutual functional coexistence of different sorts of electrical equipment is the underlying reason for the increasing interest of special and lay public in the problems of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is defined as the ability of device, systems or appliances to exhibit right function also in an environment where operate other devices and conversely, to do not influence by its own activity its surroundings and the devices which are placed in there. We must not forget about not very frequently mentioned, but a logical postscript of definition EMC – the device must not interfere (influence) itself. Electromagnetic compatibility, as a separate branch of science, began to appear in the 1960s in the U.S. and relatively long time (8 to 15 years) was object of interest to only in-group of experts in electrical technology, working in a narrow field of military and aerospace industry. With the rapid development of electrical technology, especially, microprocessor-cybernetic system, increasing performance and spreading of the frequency bands, replacing of metals with plastics, increasing digit rate - i.e. digitization and other technologies. In recent decades and transition into the 21st century, EMC practically gets into all areas of everyday life and more and more it affects the whole civilization.

Offer of measuring and other services:

  • Supply voltage monitoring in LV / HV
  • Determination of long-term voltage stability, short-term failures and voltage fluctuations, pulse interference, the level of radio interference, distortion of harmonic and interharmonic frequencies.
  • Measurement of interference terminal voltage in the extent of 9 kHz to 30 MHz
  • Determination of the interference level that is formed on the terminals of the measured device during operation or that is spread in the given location along the supply network from other power sources.
  • Interference level examination in term of requirements of the relevant standard
  • Measurement of electromagnetic waves in the extent of 9 kHz to 18 GHz
  • Measurement of the electromagnetic field EMF
  • Measurement of the thermography
  • Measurement of intensity of the electromagnetic field in the extent of 9 kHz to 2600 MHz
  • Measurement of systems resistance against various types of interference
  • Determination of interference field intensity that is radiated by measured device or object; determination of the intensity of useful radio, television and other transmitters signals.
  • Setting, installation, receiving and measuring of the space signals, building the whole system
  • Coil winding
  • Interference elimination of the security system
  • Installing the camera and security system
  • Designs of chokes, filters, transformers, converters, sinusoidal filters and special ones
  • Development of the measuring software
  • Consultancy and audit reports