Sinusoidal filters, EMC filters, inductors, transformers,overvoltage protection
High-power electronics, custom manufacture, EMC measuring, research, development, designing, consultancy

EMC and EMF measuring, consulting services, interference elimination

We do measuring and interference elimination in the field of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) including the proposal of complex solution and services

  • Consultancy in the field of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Offer of measuring and other services:
  • Supply voltage monitoring in LV / HV
  • Determination of long-term voltage stability, short-term failures and voltage fluctuations, pulse interference, the level of radio interference, distortion of harmonic and interharmonic frequencies.
  • Measurement of interference terminal voltage in the extent of 9 kHz to 30 MHz
  • Determination of the interference level that is formed on the terminals of the measured device during operation or that is spread in the given location along the supply network from other power sources.
  • Interference level examination in term of requirements of the relevant standard
  • Measurement of electromagnetic waves in the extent of 9 kHz to 18 GHz
  • Measurement of the electromagnetic field EMF
  • Measurement of the thermography
  • Measurement of intensity of the electromagnetic field in the extent of 9 kHz to 2000 MHz
  • Measurement of systems resistance against various types of interference
  • Determination of interference field intensity that is radiated by measured device or object; determination of the intensity of useful radio, television and other transmitters signals.
  • Setting, installation, receiving and measuring of the space signals, building the whole system