About us

We are a family company operating at the forefront of European companies focusing on EMC - EMF, research and development, measurement, consulting, design of specific and unique solutions, production and delivery of products according to special wishes and requirements of the customer.

The history of the company is based on 25 years of experience in development and research in the field of electromagnetism and electromagnetic field / EMC - EMF / and other specific branches of physics, astrophysics, quantum physics. Our goal is to improve existing products and design better products - more powerful, ie. use and gradual transition to nanotechnology.
In our production facilities with a capacity of 3-5 thousand products per month and an area of ​​4,500 m2, we are engaged in research, development, production of sine filters, interference filters, chokes and high-frequency transformers, surge protectors, tempest filters, converters and other winding parts, production of artificial networks , charging stations for / electric cars, buses, trucks / and power electronics. We manufacture special products for use in strategic applications of the Czech Army and other security forces / for the whole world /, meeting the required level of secrecy and subject to approval / verification by the NSA (National Security Agency) and special products in electromagnetic and frequency technology (EMC - EMF). He also specializes in research and development, measurement of paranormal phenomena. Our company is divided into specialized departments that work not only independently but also in collaboration with others. Thanks to this synergistic effect, we can promptly respond to specific customer wishes and solve even the most demanding assignments quickly and efficiently.
Our activities also focus on custom manufacturing and measurement in the field of EMC - EMF, research, development, design and consulting for traction, nuclear power plants / solar, wind, hydro /, aerospace, industry, and other industries.
We have many years of experience in the field of electromagnetic compatibility and interference suppression / EMC - EMF /
We manufacture interference filters up to 2500 A, line and motor chokes up to 2500 A and sine filters up to 2.5 MW. A significant part of our production consists of filters and chokes for rail vehicles / traction / up to a voltage of 25 kV, high-frequency transformers, supplies for nuclear technology and the military industry.
The certified quality management system ISO 9001: 2009 guarantees high reliability, guaranteed reproducibility of products. The high professionalism of our employees using the latest technology guarantees quality proven by operation in the toughest conditions.
Our goal is to produce for your individual needs and wishes while adapting the technical and business solution with regard to your requirements and possibilities.


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