Chokes are used to increase the inductance in the circuit, to dampen surges, to start powerful electric motors, to improve the parallel operation of transformers and for other applications. Based on their application, choke functions may include:

  • Increasing the device's resistance to interference from the LV network
  • Increased resistance to overvoltage caused by switching processes
  • Limitation of the steepness of the voltage rise between the choke and the motor
  • Limitation of the magnitude of the commutation current when switching the rectifier diodes
  • Limitation of the size of current and voltage harmonic components
  • Reducing the amount of high-frequency interference from equipment to the LV network and vice versa
  • Reduction of permanent tension by its decrease
  • Motor overvoltage reduction
  • Reduction of the total leakage current of the inverter

We mainly produce single-phase and three-phase chokes with a ferromagnetic core, but you will also find air chokes among our products.